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Newlex Ceramics CO.LTD to standardized production plant for the protection to full service as the core set of product development, production and sales in one of the specialized manufacturer of sanitary ware equipment. Newlex company gathered a group of China's earliest engaged in manufacturing and technical personnel baths. Newlex has advanced production equipment and first-class production technology, variety, complete specifications and excellent quality features for the enterprise, innovation in the industry ahead. Company vigorously the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the first in the industry made antibacterial, non-radon whole bathroom concept, is the first domestic production, sales of non-radon baths enterprise! Products through national inspection authority, so that people in a comfortable, environmentally friendly and enjoying bathing in the bathroom space. In order to ensure to provide customers with the highest quality products, every product strictly follow the quality standards for production and processing, and in the production process established a multi-channel quality inspection procedures, to eliminate the defective product into the market, in order to ensure product quality, the company in the purchase of accessories is even more strictly, thus ensure maximum reliability of the product. The face of fierce market competition, the company adhere to the pragmatic, innovative, positive attitude, coupled with professional product design, providing our customers with superior bathroom products. Newlex company open mind, a win-win concept, sincere attitude and expectations of domestic and foreign partners to join; hope the two sides can in the bathroom areas of common development and progress.


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